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about Enlightened Aquaponics Fort Lauderdale South Florida Aquaponics

Enlightened Aquaponics started as a laboratory to test and prove the viability of Aquaponics and has grown into a teaching and consulting platform for people interested in this amazing technology.  Our produce is sought after by chefs, health-conscious consumers and sold at our local markets and restaurants.  Having proven the concept to ourselves and the community, we are expanding our operations to provide commercial, home and school systems along with cutting edge state of the art know-how on all things Aquaponic.

Collin Bennett and John Conley are both professional mariners working in the yachting trade. As longtime friends they discuss ideas frequently, and when Aquaponics came up they decided to study it further and build a prototype laboratory growing facility.The current facility, shown here on this website, has evolved substantially in the two-year-plus time period it has been running continuously and producing edible plants and fish. The latest change has been a push to automate as much as possible, with fish feeding, water level control, and pH monitoring and adjustment all in place and automated to date.

Capt. Collin Bennett continues to operate private yachts for discerning clients worldwide, as he has for over 12 years. When not at sea and promoting Aquaponics on his travels, he oversees the direction of new ideas, improving usability and profitability, and other variables that enhance the performance of our system.

John Conley is a Chief Engineer with over 25 years of experience. He runs a specialty marine electric service business here in Ft. Lauderdale and is our go-to guy for technology innovation and adaptation related to aquaponics growing.


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