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Enlightened Aquaponics ConsultingSystem Design

Working with our clients, we recommend optimal onsite design parameters, equipment selection, and proper greenhouse needs all while saving time, money and headaches.  

Energy Efficient

Tesla Inspired! We recommend designs which utilize maximum efficiency and minimal power consumption within an operating environment. We utilize nature’s natural power and ensure redundancy in our systems



Enlightened Aquaponics Consulting Construction

Want it done right the first time? We can facilitate and oversee contractors, skilled labor, or volunteers to make sure your project is a success. Need help finding good people? We can bring together the team that will get it done. Have a crazy idea? We can make it happen!

Growing techniques 

We can teach you how to select, propagate and save your seeds specifically for the Aquaponic environment, unravel the mystery of fish/feed ratios, nutrient additions and effective ways to keep the beneficial insects while eliminating unwanted elements, all while keeping you up to date with the newest technology and advances in techniques.  



Enlightened Aquaponics ConsultingEducational Systems

Aquaponics is a perfect tool to engage students in studies from science to business, culinary arts to computer control.  We can offer the tools needed for an innovative curriculum.

Green movement / Tourism

Want to give your new project get the attention in needs? Aquaponics… presented correctly, by word of mouth alone, will bring customers to any business/idea. Let us assist you in tapping into new markets and allow our network of affiliates to bring business/exposure to your business.



Consulting Fee

Consulting fees are based upon the scope and complexity of the project. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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