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Aquaponic Systems can be customized in a variety of ways to meet your needs.


Commercial Systems

Enlightened Aquaponics Commercial Systems

Efficient in design and simple to understand, the Enlightened Aquaponic system showcases the expandability and aesthetic of proper design.  Our goal is to minimize the human input (labor).  Although nothing replaces a farmer’s husbandry in growing the best and most nutritious crops, we strive to allow the farmer the freedom to pursue other endeavors while ensuring their food security.  The interest we have seen in Enlightened Aquaponics gives us the feedback and inspiration that we are providing a solution to a local and global problem.

Unique approaches to specific markets in your area can set you apart from your competitors; we can show you where these niche markets are and how you can set yourself up to supply the demand.

We at Enlightened Aquaponics pride ourselves on producing systems based on a one pump, gravity-fed hybrid design, we use scientifically proven ratios, minimal upkeep through redundancy, and well thought out, aesthetically pleasing system arrangements. We are at the beginning of a change in traditional agriculture.  As energy prices soar and potable water and arable land diminishes, Aquaponics will not be just an interesting investment idea: it will become a necessity.  We can help you establish your business early before demand forces the change.


Home Systems

Enlightened Aquaponics Home Systems

Want food security?  Do you want to know what's really in your food?  We can build you an efficient, and even beautiful system within most budget constraints, provide you with the knowledge to grow healthy, better than organic produce and fish for your family, friends and community. 

Not doing anything with your Koi pond, pool or hot tub?  We can turn your under-used pool into a stunningly productive food machine and turn your backyard into an edible landscape.

Live in an apartment and still want better than organic produce?  We can design an aesthetically pleasing indoor system so you can have fresh healthy food at home.


School Systems

Enlightened Aquaponics School Systems

Want to incorporate Aquaponics in your learning environment?  From teaching grade-schoolers to appreciate and like vegetables while learning about science and life’s natural cycles, to innovative culinary arts and science/engineering programs that provide students with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s scientists, chefs and aquaponics farmers.

Aquaponics is a perfect tool to engage students in studies from science to business, culinary arts to computer control.  We can offer the tools needed for wide variety of innovative curriculums.


Aquaponics for Developing Countries

We see an amazing potential for Aquaponics to fill the void seen in many third world countries where adequate protein sources and vegetables are not available for people due to droughts, poor farming techniques and other effects of cultural poverty causing a chronically malnourished population.  Additionally Aquaponics can bring income to local communities and a sense of self-reliance that comes with growing your own food sustainably.  


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